Magic and Mystery... 

Doorway to a New Journey
Unlocking the Dream
From Old to New
Window of Opportunity
Squared Knob View
A Crooked Little Knob
Waking Up to Europe
Celtic Beauty
Beauty in Old Age
Morning on The Rocks
Lake Reflections
Sunlight On The Rocks
Autumn Kissed Wood
Spring Wheat
Summer Wheat
Expanded Horizons
Autumn Birch

Winter Woods

Storm Over the Wood

Calm After the Storm

The View from the Field

Around the Bend

Birch Tree Morning

Reaching Skyward

Into the Blue

Blue Sunset

 Delicate Red

 Sunset Silhouette

Morning on the Marsh

Morning on the Marsh Bas-Relief Detail

 Misty Road

Misty Road Bas-Relief Detail

Quiet Snowfall

Quiet Snowfall Bas-Relief Detail


Ephemeral Bas-Relief Detail


Diffusion Bas-Relief Detail

 Cool Mist

Autumn Aspens

Autumn Aspens Detail

Misty Wood

Misty Wood Bas-Relief Detail

Sunlit Birch

Sunlit Birch Bas-Relief Detail

On the Fence

Detail of the Bas-Relief  from "On the Fence"

Details of the Bas-Relief from "On the Fence"

Autumn Canopy

Autumn Canopy Detail
Winter's Contrasts

Winter's Contrast Detail

Autumn Shadows

Autumn Shadows Detail

Maple Wood

Maple Wood Detail

Birch Trees in Autumn

Birch Trees in Autumn Detail

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