Friday, May 1, 2015

The WHY of Art Creation

Artists create for all kinds of reasons.

To express their political views,

for religious or spiritual inspiration,

to vent personal anger, frustration,



or contentment

The "WHY" of my Art

We all have the solid parts of ourselves. More than just the physical solidness of our bodies, but ideas, values and morals that we are firm about.
Window of Opportunity 36 x 48 by Alison Galvan

Then we have our ethereal side. Our spirit, soul, or inner self.
Morning has Broken 30 x 40 by Alison Galvan

My bas-relief sculpting is like my solid side, it's hard, "set in stone" so to speak.
Winter's Contrasts 36 x 36 by Alison Galvan

Go beyond this hard exterior and you have a view into my inner spirit - soft, ephemeral, shifting from darkness to light, sometimes tumultuous and other times peaceful. 
Storm on the Horizon 30 x 40 by Alison Galvan

Through my artwork I am  examining and exploring the transitions and chapters that I am experiencing in my life.
Misty Road 48 x 60 by Alison Galvan

From the layers of my inner self which is private,
Racing Towards Possibilities 36 x 48 by Alison Galvan

to my outer self that I show the world.
A Crooked Little View 30 x 40 by Alison Galvan

The chapters and life lessons that bring stormy weather, or calm.

These transitions from the 3D sculpted sections of my artwork to the 2D painted surface symbolize the depth and digging down to find the deeper meaning to the changes.
Morning on the Rocks 24 x 30 by Alison Galvan

Change is part of life and sometimes it is difficult, but more often than not even when it's challenging, in the end we learn that it is for the best
Storm Over the Wood 24 x 36 by Alison Galvan

Creating my art helps me come to that realization.

Why do you create art? Let me know in the comments below...

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