Friday, April 24, 2015

2 Reasons to Buy Art that You Haven't Even Thought Of

Why do people buy art? Well, there are the usual reasons: It's a good investment, the artist is famous, and hey, it looks great with my couch! 

But I've got two other reasons that I bet you haven't even thought of before. 

1. Art can be Your Voice...
How many times have you listened to music and gone, "Ya, that's exactly how I feel! Turn it up!".

And you rock out to the beat singing the lyrics at the top of your lungs. It's like the song was made just for you. You haven't been able to express exactly what's going on then finally you hear this song and it's like Yes! Someone else totally gets it.

Art can be that way too.

Ever wondered why the painting "The Scream" by Edvard Munch is so famous?

Maybe because that feeling of despair, isolation and frustration is something that we can all relate to having experienced at one time or another in our lives. We have all been there. You feel alone. Like nobody understands. Like you just want to tear out your hair and scream to the heavens till your lungs burst. Ya, Edvard Munch totally got it. 

Or maybe the whimsical work of one of my favourite contemporary artists, Angela Morgan,  reflects your sense of playfulness and lighthearted lifestyle and surrounding yourself with her art makes your heart sing, "Yes! This is how I feel! See everyone, see how cool life is when you feel this way!"

Art can be the perfect way to communicate all that may be bottle up inside you just looking for an exit. Sometimes it's hard to express our thoughts and feelings to those around us, but through art we can make ourselves heard.

Yes, Art can be your voice.

2. Focus on Where You Want to Go...

The ideas of manifesting what you want out of life are becoming more and more mainstream. But even if these kinds of concepts are not up your alley, I think we can all agree that if you want to drive your car between two pylons then you need to keep your focus on the empty space between, not on the pylons themselves, or sure as the sky is blue, you will run into a pylon and flatten it!

Same goes for what you surround yourself with in your life, your home and your workspace too. If we are surrounded by mess, garbage, violence, disturbing sights and sounds invariably our lives will reflect that in a lifestyle that is most likely very unhappy. 

But alternatively, surround yourself in a clean, organized environment filled with fresh flowers, beautiful music, and inspiring artwork and decor and your days are uplifted. No matter the challenges, you will overcome them. 

Click here to view Autumn Sunrise by Alison Galvan

When our environment is filled with things that make us feel good it puts us on a proper mental footing to get up and go. Even if our life isn't all sunshine and rainbows currently, a happier outlook in life is sure going to make the tough times easier to bear and the good time just that much sweeter.

Yes, Art can lift us up!

Tell me, why do you buy art?
I'd love to hear your reasons for surrounding yourself with your favourite art. How does it make you feel? Please leave your comments below and let's chat about it! 

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